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r-a-g-e – Refocusing Anger for Growth and Empowerment for women

Transform your Anger into Passion and Power

Next weekend on 27th & 28th September 2014 10.30am – 5.30pm – £125 London Bridge

Free Introductory tasters on Sunday 7th 10.30 – 12 noon and Monday 8th September 6.30 – 8.00pm

To book a place or just to chat without any obligation and find out more please call me on 07847 535312


This weekend workshop provides an opportunity for us to transform our relationship with our anger. We will meet together as a group of women and create a safe space in which to explore our experiences of anger. As we share the ways in which our attempts to express our authentic feelings in the past may have been distorted, devalued or dismissed we start to make sense of the discomfort we may feel when anger arises. As we discover the true nature of our anger as a valuable resource that can guide us, we learn to listen and act on the important messages our anger has for us. This new understanding enables us to step into our power, take appropriate action, express ourselves clearly and confidently and meet life’s challenges more effectively.

We practice our communication skills together using current real life conflicts, exploring the obstacles we encounter when attempting to be heard. Every member of the group is invited to participate in giving and receiving constructive feedback and supporting each other. Together we develop our skills in expressing ourselves assertively and respectfully, qualities that are most likely to attract a respectful response from others.

This can be a challenging workshop as each of us takes an honest look at our way of being in the world and we dive more deeply into our process of self discovery together and take a leap into the unknown. Whether you feel that the way you express your anger is too much, not enough or you are just curious to learn more about this essential emotion and discover anger’s hidden treasures you will be most welcome.

By exploring issues that specifically apply to women this workshop goes beyond the territory most anger management groups provide, highlighting the power of anger to promote our growth, increase our choices and develop insight and skills in expressing ourselves creatively, joyfully, powerfully and passionately.


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If you can’t come to this weekend the next r-a-g-e weekend and introductory taster dates will be posted on the r-a-g-e website

Please feel free to call me on 07847 535312 if you want more information to help you decide if these workshops are for you.

Comments by previous r-a-g-e weekend participants:

“I really liked the open-hearted space created, nurtured and maintained initially by Corinne and then by all of us in the group, the organic nature of the schedule and the lovely freedom with supportive guidance”    (workshop participant)
“I thought the rage weekend was very beneficial. I have been to councelling and other healing weekends and felt that this one was well worth it and money well spent. It helped me understand my anger more and look at ways to channel it positively. Through working with a group of women I got the chance to relate to other women I never usually would and their stories with anger. Corinne intuitively let the group lead and encourage each other throughout which really helped and felt empowering in a way. I particularly like the role play sessions at the end which put people in different roles which helped me understand and relate better to how people would feel in certain situations. I have told numerous friends about this workshop.         (workshop participant)

I loved the workshop, I loved the safe atmosphere, the passion, dedication and warmth of you. (workshop participant)

A life changing course, far beyond my expectations. I don’t know how but Corinne always finds the right word and the best exercise every moment. a wonderful way to spend a weekend, rediscovering oneself and tripping into unknown territory. A terrific way to develop in a safe environment. I am so grateful that i had the opportunity to attend this course and I recommend it very highly. ( workshop participant)


Empowerment Skills for Women


The key to empowerment is learning to accept and value ourselves and others just as we are so that setbacks are not judged as a sign of being wrong but grasped as an opportunity to develop and grow.

This weekend is all about tapping into our inner resources, identifying our unique qualities and celebrating the strengths we already possess. We will explore together the many factors which influence our sense of our power in the world and share our individual experiences as women

We will learn how to gain control over negative thoughts such as comparing ourselves with others and self criticism and explore alternative ways of perceiving and interpreting our world which in turn can increase our confidence, resilience and optimism when facing challenges.

Being able to communicate effectively is a skill that can be learned like any other and we will look at all the obstacles we encounter when attempting to express ourselves as we would like. We will practice our communication skills together using real life conflicts, giving and receiving feedback and experimenting with using clear and direct language that does not harm others

This can be a challenging workshop as each of us takes an honest look at our way of being in the world and as we support each other in discovering ourselves our inner strength and beauty are revealed

I was deeply touched by your relentless willingnes to give, by your insights and your warm, open , compassionate heart. at times I wished there was more structure to the workshop but I actually enoyed all the various and unexpected ways it went (workshop participant)

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