Individual therapy

How do we begin?

The first step:

You can contact me by phone or email and if it is not convenient to talk at that point we will arrange another time to speak together. It will be helpful for you to tell me something about what has prompted you to make contact with me and you can ask any questions you may have Whilst we are  talking together we will decide whether we would like to make arrangements to meet and if so we will find a mutually agreeable time for an initial session.

If we agree to meet:

Individual sessions are arranged in advance and where possible I would offer you a time that is suitable for you either daytime or evening and we would continue meeting at this regular time weekly. Sessions take place in Crofton Park, Brockley SE4 on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays daytime and evenings and Friday mornings. I have a cancellation policy and I ask that a minimum of two days notice is given if you have to cancel a session and I will charge for the cost of the session if less than 48 hours notice is given.

Our initial session costs £30 and thereafter £45 – £75 per session according to what you can afford to pay. Each session lasts for 50 minutes.

First session:

Once we have arranged an initial session there is no commitment for either of us beyond this one session. By experiencing what it is like to be in a room together exploring personal issues, possibly for the first time, it will soon become clear whether we feel that we are able to work together and want to continue meeting. To feel safe, to share things we may never have spoken about before, listened to and met, accepted with no fear of judgement, to explore issues with guidance, support and input from an experienced therapist and to learn to trust in the process as we develop a collaborative approach to our work together – all of these are essential for us in forming a successful therapeutic relationship and evidence of at least some of these components being present should be clear by the end of our initial session and you will know whether you want us to meet again or not.

What to expect on the first session:

It is normal to feel nervous and a bit lost on a first meeting with a therapist and it can take time to build a really trusting relationship but you will know by mid way through our first session whether you feel comfortable enough to want to continue working with me. If we carry on together we will have defined an overview of the work we intend to do together and I may suggest a commitment to a number of sessions but this is always open to negotiation. After four to six sessions we then review the progress we are making and decide whether to continue meeting.

Length of contact:

We can meet for a fixed number of sessions and focus on a specific issue, or decide on open ended contact, exploring whatever arises as we dive deeper into the work and process of healing which could be concerning long standing issues, new challenges or something completely unexpected. Our aim is always on personal growth, self knowledge and insight, learning better skills and tools to deal with life and developing a more positive outlook that might lead to greater competence, confidence and sense of well being.  If we decide to work longer term work it is likely that we would work at a deeper level than with a shorter term agreement.

Finding out more:

I am always happy to discuss any questions you may have on the phone and there is never any pressure from me to take things any further or to meet – it is your choice entirely.

You are very welcome to call me on

07847 535312