Is counselling/psychotherapy for me or us?

It is natural for us to want to feel better when we are in pain

There is nothing wrong with us, we are perfect as we are yet it is the striving to be something other than who we are that usually creates struggle. To accept ourselves and be accepted by another, just as we are, can mark the beginning of a profound journey towards positive change. We can always choose to go it alone, but we can also choose to reach out to another human being and learn to trust enough to share our unique personal journey. Receiving support in this way may ease our burden as we pass through the challenging transitions we will undoubtedly face as we progress through our ever changing  lives.

We may have been brought up to

think that a crisis is a bad thing to be

avoided at all costs

We may find ourselves seeking a way of rapidly rewinding ourselves back to how we were and put it all behind us as if nothing had happened, but we also know that dealing with any crisis by staying the same can only work in the short term. Events that have occurred to us in our lives such as accidents, bereavements, job losses, illness, relationship breakdown, isolation, childhood neglect, physical, sexual or domestic abuse have shaped us and our view of our world and this has contributed to us developing strategies to deal with whatever confronts us. These strategies need regular updating to keep up with our changing circumstances but we often find ourselves continuing to repeat patterns of behaviour that not only don’t work for us anymore but may even be causing harm to ourselves and others. Somatic Experiencing offers a gentle and effective way of understanding the origin of these behaviours, which often result from trauma or events in our lives that have overwhelmed us, and of working with the body’s natural self regulating, healing systems to enable gradual release of the stuck energy so we can begin to flow with our lives again

Facing change is always challenging:

It takes effort and commitment to embark on the process of change as it requires us to take an honest look at what is going on in our lives in ways that we may have previously been avoiding or unwilling to face. It may only be when the pain of staying the same becomes greater that we find the courage to take this important step. Often all we need is some support to assist us in navigating what may feel like very stormy waters as we reorient ourselves to our new situation, tune into our solid, wise centre and realise that we are resourceful and can live creatively and well.

Every crisis is an opportunity to learn:

As we begin to deepen our understanding and adapt to changing conditions we can build on our strengths and start to grow into a new way of being. As we become more flexible and open to possibilities we gain confidence in facing whatever life may throw at us and we stop shying away from our possibilities and potentials out of fear. It is through facing our fears that we gradually discover greater meaning and purpose in our lives and become alive to our authentic selves, ready to embrace life in all it’s aspects.